Verfasst von: dietauschlade | 5 Juni 2017


hell und dunkel. laut und leise. zerstört und aufgebaut. einfarbig und bunt. beängstigend und hoffnungsvoll. simpel und detailreich. klein und groß. grob und filigran. matt und grell. fröhlich und traurig. so präsentiert sich die weltstadt. genau wie manche gebäude der ausstellung mich besonders berührten, so auch einige der vielen aussagen* ihrer erbauer_innen, die im rahmen einer klanginstallation zu wort kamen.

*If I could choose, I would choose a Damascene house. A Damascene house is a big house with a wonderful fountain in the middle. I used to have a house like this. It had eight rooms, it was incredibly cheap and I always had up to 25 people staying there. It was wonderful.

*I wanted to build this house, so as to not forget our history and how people built houses in the past. Nowadays people always want new things, a new everything. I think our house back then was much, much better.

*My property got destroyed. It’s gone. In went with the shelling. Rockets, fighter-jet rockets. I don’t actually feel sorry about it because there were many other people who lost their homes at the same time. I think the war changed my perspective on owning tangible and material things. I worked all my life to buy a house and to buy a car and to structure my life, to have all these assets. But then the war came and took everything. So now, when I move, I try not to own things. I don’t think I will buy an apartment even if I am able to one day. Because I don’t trust the world… I don’t think any place in the world is safe. A massive war can break out anywhere these days.

*An experience like this teaches you a lot. It changes your understanding of life.

*We need to let these people rest and recover from it a little.

*You see date palms everywhere there: in every house, on pretty much every street, you see them everywhere. We have more than 350 types of dates, and I somehow feel emotionally connected to these trees. To the tree, to the shape, to the fruit, and its identity. The dates in Baghdad are way better than the ones here. You don’t even have dates here, I’ve never seen one!

*The term *freedom* is new in our country. People will definitely know what it is, they will have read it and learnt about it, but when it comes to actually implementing it as a concept in society… that’s a different matter altogether.

*If you get down to the basics, this is not about freedom, it’s about rights, human rights. Having a good education, a job, being able to do the things you like doing, these are all rights, not freedom. Freedon is what comes after the rights, the things that you do freely, loudly, without encountering any problems from the government or certain groups.

*I miss the sea. I miss some kind of spontaneous life. I miss a life free of bureaucracy and rigid structures.

*That doesn’t matter at all. I live with one person from Somalia and one from Liberia, it doesn’t matter at all. And when one of us has a bit less money, we all cook together.

*It’s good to find out what things we have in common and to try to do them together.




  1. Welcher Verlust und welche Sehnsucht. Unbehaust zu sein muss grauenhaft sein. Wie kann man das nicht nachvollziehen können? Ich verstehe das nicht.
    Eine tolle Idee, Häuser zu bauen als Zeichen von Erinnerung, Sehnsucht, Verlust, Gastfreundschaft, Hoffnung. Und Geborgenheit und Schutz. Das wohl vor allem.
    Frohe Pfingsten Euch durch das juniwehende Licht!
    Lieben Lisagruß!

  2. Ja, diese Sehnsucht kann ich auch so gut nachvollziehen. Und das Nicht-Ankommen-Können (welches teilwiese von so vielem und so vielen behindert wird).
    Herzliche Grüße zurück. Möge der Geist auch weiterhin fleißig wehen!

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